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So what does a student with WEI get? Well there are always some extras and our Career Center and Internships are part of the package. You can also learn about the many educational events and conferences that happen in our exciting industry.

Career Center

As part of your student membership with WEI you will have access to our career center. This is an interactive portal that allows both the student and potential employer to meet virtually. It is packed full of tips and advice on gaining internships and securing a new job.

Taking a course is the first step on the journey of your new career, but most students will require an internship, paid or unpaid, to help them put their new skills into practice, and in some cases students will be looking to secure a new job rather than launching a new business. This is where our Career Center comes into it's own.

As a student you will be able to upload a resume and highlight your professional and educational achievements. You can use this when applying for a job through the Career Center, making searching and applying for vacancies very easy. For those that don't have a resume our resume building tool will help you to create a professional resume of your own.

Our Career Center Tools include:

  • Introduction to potential employers
  • Access to industry job sites
  • Tips and Advice on writing Resumes
  • Information on how to prepare for Interviews
  • The Do's and Dont's when undertaking Internships

This a great tool for potential employers too, as they can apply to become an Employer Partner with WEI. This allows them to create an Employer Profile within our Career Center to post job vacancies, internship details opportunities etc. They are also able to conduct a search for students who might be appropriate by viewing your Student Profile. The environment is a safe one and only approved companies offering real opportunities are allowed to use the portal.

We are constantly building relationships with new businesses to bring our students more and more opportunities. WEI also has a dedicated career consultant who works on behalf of our students searching out opportunities and posting these in the Career Center.  These are updated on a fortnightly basis bringing our students up to date information on openings they have found.

If you are interested in becoming an Employer Partner with WEI please click here.


Access your course materials online 24 hours a day through the WEI online campus.

Login to Virtual CampusYou will always have access to your course materials through the WEI website. All you need to do is click here and you will be taken straight to the student login portal. From here you have access to ALL your course materials and are able to submit your assignments to your Instructor.

ELearning allows our students complete flexibility to study whilst travelling and from a variety of locations. Don't carry around heavy files, text books or computers. Access your course materials from any wireless device and study on the go.

To go to the Online Learning Campus please click here.


Nothing beats real life experience! Here @ WEI although we provide our course materials in a virtual online campus there is nothing virtual about what we offer. From the start of your journey with us you will be working on true to life assignments that have been taken from real wedding and event briefs.

As you work through each unit of your course you will be working towards building your own portfolio to allow you to hit the ground running once you have graduated and become a certified planner, stylist or designer. Your Instructors are with you every step of the way to guide and steer you in the right direction, but at some point you will need to test these newly acquired skills in a ‘Real Life’ environment.

To complement your studies each student can explore the option of an Internship to help develop a path towards their final career goal. Each Internship is different and structured to allow maximum benefit to the student. They vary in length from just one week up to 6 months and some are paid and some unpaid. Depending upon requirements they can involve anything from shadowing a professional to hands-on experience at an event, and in some circumstances can lead to a job.

To be eligible to apply you must be a student of WEI and have completed all assignments up to Chapter 15 regardless of which course you are undertaking. This shows a commitment to your new career and allows us the time to properly evaluate your skills and make sure the fit between student and company is right.

There is a cost to apply for an Internship Position advertised in our Career Center as follows:

  • Non-refundable processing fee of $125
  • $35 per Internship Applied for

All out of pocket expenses relating to the Internship, including but not limited to petrol, telephone/cell bills, parking, travel, meals etc are the responsibility of the student and not WEI or the company offering the Internship. To apply for an Internship please click here:

Here is a recent Internship Brief:
We have an opening for a non-paying internship. The internship offers the opportunity to work closely with professional wedding and event planners to help orchestrate events. The internship will include day-to-day tasks involved with running a successful business; behind-the-scenes experience of planning and organizing events; assisting with special events, wedding ceremony rehearsal and on-site coordination of both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

Although this is an unpaid position an intern who successfully completes the internship program may be hired on a part-time basis to assist at future events.

Internship Dates:
The spring/summer internship is for the months of April through to September. Resumes and cover letters for this internship are being accepted now.


One of the exciting parts of our industry is the conferences that are held annually to inspire, motivate and educate everyone in the industry from Celebrity Wedding Consultants and Floral Designers to Event Stylists and Corporate Planners. It is a chance to network with peers, discover the latest trends and discuss current news within the industry.

Although there is definitely a place for blogs and social media in our fast moving world nothing replaces experience of attending one of these events in person. Here at WEI these are the highlight of our year and our chance to really soak it all up and come back armed with fresh knowledge for our students. As we mentioned earlier there are many of these events to choose from, but below we have listed the ones we feel are the most beneficial:

Wedding Professionals International Conference (WPIC) - The Wedding Professionals Conference was started 7 years ago with the belief that there is not a single person who knows everything about weddings. They put together a program that includes the top professionals within the Wedding Industry to help you improve your business, be a better professional and of course, make more money doing what you love!

Wedding MBA - Going into its 10th year this is America's largest educational event dedicated to the business side of the wedding business. It is one thing to be a fantastic wedding planner or vendor, but knowing how to run your business is another skill entirely.

The Special Event Show - The Special Event (TSE) is one of the largest tradeshows and conferences in the world for event professionals. At the Special Event Show attendees will be able to make invaluable connections with thousands of key event industry notables and colleagues, experience education both inside and outside of the classroom environment, choose among over 100 relevant Conference Sessions and Training Workshops taught by hand-selected speakers, and discover thousands of event products and services on the Tradeshow Floor.

The Ideas Factory - Every year, Event Solutions hosts one of the most successful events in the industry—the Idea Factory tradeshow and conference. Held in partnership with the catering industry’s leading resource, Catersource, this event draws thousands of event professionals to the city of Las Vegas for several days of exciting education, sharing and networking with peers and industry leaders.

Engage 2013 - Engage is a biannual wedding conference organized and presented by Engaging Concepts. A gathering of the ‘best of the best’ in the wedding industry—from speakers to attendees—engage! events seek to offer something not found in other conferences. Careful attention is paid to creating an intimate atmosphere of effortless networking, allowing for an open exchange of ideas, information, inspiration and candid discussions of the issues and opportunities facing everyone in today’s luxury wedding industry.

Bizbash - BizBash Expos & Awards are the largest one-day event planning gatherings in local markets. Held annually in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, South Florida, and Boston, the shows attract thousands of meeting and event planning professionals eager to see what’s new and what’s next in the event industry. Through education sessions on relevant topics, entertainment, and exhibits, attendees learn, network, share ideas, and most of all are inspired to create incredible events

Career Plan

When you start a business you are always told to make sure the first thing you do is to have a business plan. Well embarking on a new career is much the same only the plan has a different name, a Career Plan. So what is a Career Plan? Well a Career Plan is different for everyone. Our Career Consultants here @ WEI will help you put together a personalized plan of your own, but here is a 10 Step Plan you can put into action straight away:

Career Planning for Wedding Consultants

The 10 Step Career Plan

Step 1 – Look at your Options. This involves taking an overview of the wedding and events industry and seeing what options are actually available to you. Look at the different roles within weddings, corporate and social events so you know the paths that you can go down.

Step 2 – Know Yourself. Are you more of a planner or a designer? Are you creatively challenged or do you find ideas pour out of you? Does the word ‘Organization’ give you a buzz or send you running for the hills?

Step 3 – Choose your Course. There are many different courses available so you need to do your homework. Remember price isn’t everything. Look at the support you will receive, the instructor input, tools you get as part of the course and the content and assignments that you will be working on.

Step 4 – Organize your Time. Most students in our courses are working full or part time so you need to create a schedule that allows for study time, work and down time. Nobody is productive when they are unorganized and tired and you won’t get you best out of your course without some kind of structure.

Step 5 – Create your Profile. As part of your package with WEI you will have access to our Career Center. Spend some time creating your Profile so other students, instructors and potential employers can see your skills, attributes and experience at a glance.

Step 6 – Research your Industry. You will be surprised how many people don’t spend enough time researching the industry they are about to enter. Things change quickly in this industry and in order to stay a step ahead you need to know who the movers and shakers are and Subscribe to their Blogs, Follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook Page.

Step 7 - Attend Industry Events. There is nothing like networking with you peers and being part of a live educational experience. There are many fantastic industry events that happen annually giving you plenty of time to plan your attendance. Check out our Events Page for more details.

Step 8 – Apply for Work Experience. Our courses we teach you everything you need to know to get you started, but at some point you are going to have to turn what you have learnt into practical experience. The best way to do this is by offering your services to existing professionals so you can learn in a hands-on environment.

Step 9 – Work with a Business Mentor. It doesn’t matter who you are or how good you are we all need mentoring sooner or later. A Business Mentor can help you see the wood through the trees and offer invaluable advice on how to take your business onto the next stage. Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess, offers fantastic mentor packages for WEI students.

Step 10 – Launch your new Career. Stop thinking about it and do it. There is nothing like being prepared, but now is the time to stop procrastinating and get out there. You have an amazing team behind you here at WEI who believe in you every step of the way, and we love to share in the excitement and success of all our students.

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